Buying a House?

It’s called Title Insurance. And you’ll need to know about it. Here’s why:


What is Title Insurance?

"Title" to a property refers to a person's ownership interest. By purchasing 'Title Insurance', homeowners are protecting their ownership to their property and losses arising from various title and off-title risks.

Who needs Title Insurance?

Every homebuyer is encouraged to purchase Title Insurance to protect and defend title to their property. If you are obtaining a mortgage to finance your purchase, your lender will require you to purchase a policy in order to protect the priority and enforceability of the mortgage.

What makes Title Insurance different from traditional insurance?

Title insurance has no deductible so the premium is truly a one-time fee. Coverage is valid for the entire time the homeowner holds title to the home.

How does Title Insurance protect me?

Title Insurance is an added layer of financial protection available to homebuyers for matters that could not have been discovered through legal due diligence. It also protects your investment in the property against fraudulent conveyances by impersonation or forgery. Once you purchase a property, you are legally responsible for its deficiencies; Title Insurance can protect your financial loss from the following risks:

  • existing liens against the title

  • violations of municipal zoning by-laws

  • encroachments onto an adjoining property (other than fences and boundary walls)

  • realty tax arrears

  • outstanding municipal utility charges, provided such charges form a lien on title

  • existing work orders


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Contact a competent lawyer to navigate you though these considerations and more!

This article is not to be construed as legal advice. You are encouraged to consult a professional.